Petraeus, Broadwell and female prowlers in the military.

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The recent resignation of David Patraeus from his position as Director of the CIA shocked me, as it did the rest of the nation. During my time in Afghanistan, I spent 5 months listening to daily briefings given to then General Petraeus and even wrote papers that appeared on his desk.  I was very impressed by his steady mind, rarely excited or angry. He obviously possessed a razor sharp brain, which perceived not only technical issues, but human nature.  He was the penultimate warrior-scholar.

But, there were things that irked me about him, too. First, there was his eternal optimism. I felt that as things continued to get worse in Afghanistan, General Petraeus always put a positive spin on things. Many would consider this a positive trait, but in war I do not. One of the reasons for the Vietnam debacle was a corps of general officers who did not tell their civilian masters the hard truth.  Because of the Pakistani safe-haven  we cannot defeat the insurgency in Afghanistan, unless we are willing to engage in a general war against the Muslim world. America could have achieved a more focused goal there, but I do not believe our generals made that clear. I also detected a sly politician in Petraeus. This made me suspicious of him, because I am suspicious of all politicians.

But I would go to war with David Petraeus anytime, anywhere. He is a tireless worker and a great Soldier. I did not agree with many of the central tenets of his counterinsurgency doctrine, though.

I cannot comment on the specifics of this case, as there are too many unknowns right now.  What I can comment on is the current culture within the military that must be addressed. That culture is one of the male-female mentor/lover paradigm. I’ve written before about my experiences with women in the military, and they are not positive. I have never seen a work area where women in the Army did not encourage sexual banter. The flirting with high-ups was always over the top, and the females get preferential treatment. Before joining the Army, I never had a negative view about women in the workforce, so this is not some agenda I’m driving because of long-held personal sour grapes. The Army formed my opinion on the role of females in the military, and that opinion is negative, especially when it comes to combat arms. I’m not exactly sure what causes the difference between how females and males operate in a military environment and the civilian world, but I have some theories.

In this post, by Michael Yon, Yon states that Broadwell had incredible access to powerful people and organizations within the military, such organizations as the special operations community.  The other female involved, Jill Kelley, is supposedly a “social liaison” (Read: Hot chick who loves tough, powerful, men) to the Joint Special Operations Command, (JSOC), which is the umbrella command for SEAL Team 6, Delta Force, and other elite counter-terrorism units.  It is my personal opinion that both Broadwell and Kelley reek of high society trollers, addicted to power and prestige. This situation meshes perfectly with my personal experience in the Army. I began to notice that a considerable number of females wear the JSOC combat patch on the right shoulder of their uniforms, which means they have been deployed in some manner with special operators who kill very bad people. My suspicions have been supported by people of rank and connection. The female Soldiers who sport this patch are almost invariably good looking. The special operations community has a reputation for sexual hooliganism in Afghanistan  and in many cases they hand pick females to serve as their camp followers for sexual gratification, much like during the American Civil War. One story which made its way from Afghanistan had 50% of a Female Engagement Team (FET) becoming impregnated by members of the Special Forces unit they were deployed with (FET almost always deploys with Special Forces–very convenient).  Not surprisingly, many members of FET are attractive, athletic alpha females–the exact kind of lady special operators seems to prefer and the exact kind of woman who is aggressive enough to pursue rough men in a war zone.  We should know that the Army spends millions training each member of FET, teaching them a language and cultural intricacies. To have them sent home early from deployment because of pregnancies is costing taxpayers serious cash, but that’s the price the Left is willing to pay in the name of equality.  Yet, the media, which can delve into even TOP SECRET government documents, fails to report stories like these. I wonder why…

Jill Kelley appears to be a JSOC socialite. I wonder what it would take for me or any other man to hold the title of “social liaison’ for America’s most secret organization? I’m sure having a vagina couldn’t hurt.

Broadwell was given, by most counts, access to Petraeus, that few, if any ever had. I conducted important intelligence work in Afghanistan, trying my best to see what would help America win its war, hopping the politically correct hurdles like a rabbit dodging Taliban gunfire.  No one listened.  I should have been a hot chick, then the Taliban would have paid, and maybe Soldiers would have lived. I would never, as a Soldier, have had the access to Petraeus’ ear such as did Broadwell.  Yet the current culture of journalist as celebrity and adoration of females for the sake of maintaining the possibility of sexual hook-up, trumps national defense.

It gets better. Now, ISAF commander John Allen is under investigation for allegedly having inappropriate conversations with Kelley.  Shocking, I say. A beautiful, military socialite latching onto Army generals–the most powerful men in the world.

When I was working for the police department, an old salt told me about the 70s. Women would park out in front of the police department at the end of the day, waiting for cops to get off shift. Most of these women were strangers to the cops, but had the disease that Broadwell and Kelley apparently have: An addiction to men of authority.  Men have their weaknesses–mostly it’s that we like the approval of women and we like sex. But these things are well-publicized. What is not publicized is female predation on men of power, money and fame. It’s glaringly obvious in the military, it’s deleterious to the defense of our nation–and no one cares because it involves the feminist narrative.

We better clean up our act. But I doubt we will.


2 thoughts on “Petraeus, Broadwell and female prowlers in the military.

    Bill said:
    November 13, 2012 at 8:32 pm

    “I’m sure having a vagina couldn’t hurt” – Priceless

    spc said:
    December 21, 2014 at 9:06 am

    This post was absolute genius.

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