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“Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?”
And I said, “Here am I. Send me!” ~Isaiah 6:8

After the Virginia Tech University shootings in 2007, I wrote an article published in the Bangor Daily News, entitled “This is Not Us”. In the article I stated that the shooting did not define America, that Seung-Hui Cho, the shooter, was an outsider, an aberration.

I was wrong.

Since the shootings at VT, a series of mass murders across America have proven me too hopeful in the American people. We asked for the secular, and we got nihilism. We asked for a public forum without a whisper of God, and we produced a hopeless generation. Hopelessness is the logical end-state for a Godless universe. Intelligent people, as most of these shooters appear to have been, easily see the meaningless of everything if in fact God does not exist.  A byproduct of hopelessness is rage.

The VT shooter

This is another symptom of the great winding down of America. Its great cities crumbling and abandoned, its people getting dumber, its strength waning.

And so our society has shifted from one that controlled itself with internal mechanisms, to one that must now be controlled by external rules. the Liberals have it right: No God=Fewer Internal Inhibitions=Need for totalitarian state that controls our evil, even if it be with evil.

The 2nd Amendment was created by and for spiritual people. Nay, religious people.  Taken out of that context it is insanity to arm a populace. There are some people who simply should not own guns, just as there are some people who should not be free.  But as has been said: Guns cause crime like spoons cause Rosie O’Donnell to be fat.  As far as I’m concerned, the teachers should be armed.

We summoned the Genie, and cannot easily put him back in the bottle.

One side of America is inhabited by a hyper-violent , feral youth. On the other side are the secular, near-pacifistic dreamers, lolling in their agnosticism, jamming their fingers in their ears when they hear talk about what happens to us after we die. So, when the feral child meets the pacifist-intellectual-agnostic-socialist, the armed barbarian wins. The stunning fact is that almost no one knows how to stop a shooter, even an untrained one,  once he begins blasting innocents in close quarters. So great is the schism between our tepid, liberal moralists and the demon brood they bore, that it’s like watching the Frankenstein Monster rampage through its creator’s sterile laboratory.

When Major Nidal Malik Hasan carried out his Jihad at Fort Hood in 2009, killing 12 Soldiers  and civilians and wounding 29, I was stunned that no one tried to stop him. It took two civilian police officers with  guns to bring him down. No Soldier tackled him while he was blasting away, no one punched him while he was reloading, and certainly no Soldier was carrying a weapon so as to defend the innocent. Not one Soldier had the training or the mindset required to bring down Hasan.

Major Nidal Malik Hasan

I remember thinking that I wished I could have been at Fort Hood, that readiness center where Hasan shot so many people. Much of my professional life has been spent preparing for such an incident. As a police officer, I ran various scenarios through my head on a regular basis. I don’t know if I could have saved anyone, but I hope I would have tried.

After the shootings at Columbine High School, police departments significantly changed their training. The old protocols for shootings inside buildings called for responding officers to surround the building and wait for SWAT to arrive. Columbine proved the ineffectiveness of this strategy. While officers surrounded the school Klebold and Harris executed fellow students in cold blood. Officers did nothing. The law enforcement community knew it could not stand by again while people died. It was a police officer’s duty to face danger, to run to gunfire while others ran away. Thus the genesis of “active shooter” training. The first officers on the scene are now trained to form their own entry team, if the shooter is killing people, and go in to get him.

Klebold and Harris

I studied various ways of disarming people carrying firearms. These included Israeli Krav Maga and Russian Systema. Krav Maga taught me that while a pistol gave its wielder great power, it also focused his attention on maintaining control of it, and also that defensive moves must be accompanied by a powerful offensive attack to quickly stop the threat. Russian Systema taught me that angles of movement toward a gunman significantly reduce his chances of hitting you.

Of course none of this would have made me completely safe. But I have come to grips with he fact that I may die while trying to do something I think is right. It must have been the same thinking that Todd Beamer had, when he uttered the immortal words: “Let’s roll” as he and others moved to stop the al-Qaeda jihadists who’d hijacked Flight 93. 

Todd Beamer: “Let’s Roll”

Yesterday I looked at the photos of some of the children that died in the Connecticut school shooting. I began to cry.  Why couldn’t I have been there? I wish I’d been there. I’m not second-guessing what other people did, but I am dismayed that yet another massacre happened and ended only when the person doing the shooting merely ran out of gas. I don’t want to be a hero. But I’ve come to grips with what’s worth fighting and dying for. And I’ll be damned if some 130 lb psychopath mowing down 4th graders  is going to kill me before I make him eat the barrel of his own weapon.

Every good man should think about what he will do in such a situation.  Every good man should have already considered what he is willing to fight and die for before that event takes place.  And by fighting I don’t mean throwing yourself in front of bullets. I mean taking out the aggressor. We need more Todd Beamers.

To me, a few more children seeing this Christmas would have been something worth dying for.


4 thoughts on “Let’s Roll

    gfly1 said:
    December 17, 2012 at 10:44 pm

    Amen….I feel the same way. I wish I were there. I’m a Vietnam vet still training…and I was at home while this maniac was murdering innocent children 1/2 hour from my house. It’s haunting me. Unthinkable.

    coffeeandsleeplessnights said:
    December 18, 2012 at 5:13 am
    Lou said:
    December 19, 2012 at 1:38 am

    Teachers definitely need special training whether it is guns or whatever. Personally, I have no problem with arming teachers. In the Wiki article I read (I was looking for basic facts in the shootings rather than the media crap put out) many of the teachers hid children in storage closets and “barricaded the doors.” Where were the locks? In a school that was suppose to be “secure” there was no plans for possible dangers. Many of the teachers and the principal were shot and killed because they went to the sound of gunfire. Whereas that may sound heroic, what were they planning on doing? I have lots of questions here.

    Training! That could be helpful. The education courses I took in college were so useless. None of those classes prepared me for real life situations. In the teacher’s lounge I was told – when two boys get in a fight, take your time getting there – they will be ready to quit when you get there. If two girls get in a fight, get there quickly or they will tear each other up. That is true, but breaking up fights between teen-agers – shear stupidity.

    My daughter is currently taking education classes to become a teacher. I wonder if this latest shooting will have any effect on her teacher training. She does have her conceal carry license 🙂

    Medic77 said:
    December 21, 2012 at 5:56 am

    There are a lot of tragic things that have taken place lately that I don’t understand. Why didn’t someone or many people go for the shooter at the school? Men and/or women? Less lives would have been lost. I cried as well and still do when the news flashes the pictures of the Children that were killed. The fact that a local Church in that town was saying horrible things about the School and the Children is sickening to me! What if the church was attacked in the same way? Would their beliefs hold true to their own fate? Not likely. The planes that crashes into the Twin towers why didn’t the people on board try to overpower them? Weren’t the terrorist out numbered? I would have gone done fighting especially considering the chance of surviving was so minuet. Maybe they did and I just missed that part in the news. I have guns and a Family and should someone break in my home I will be shooting first and asking questions later. I have Children, I Live, would die and yes I would kill for them should the need arise in a heart beat.

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