Where the Fun Times Went, Part 1

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A friend of mine sent me an article which describes in lurid detail the proceedings of campus rape tribunals.  You can read the article here.

My friend quipped that he at one time believed it was impossible to ruin the fun time of the college experience, but now he believes it’s been done. Other people in the past have told me they missed college. Of course, those people are my age, and thus attended higher learning institutions before the advent of Orwellian kangaroo courts.  The Romans had a better legal system back in 400 BC. Really, look it up.

I think the article does an excellent job in explaining what a travesty this sort of thing is, the Faustian world that the Progressives have constructed. I keep waiting to wake up inside the Matrix, because folks, I ate the red pill.  And since the article does such a great job in deconstructing this one aspect of the liberal monolith, I’m going to stick to what this type of thing means to me, and how it affects us all.

Student at Auburn University.
Student at Auburn University.

In essence, this sort of perversion  of justice is exactly what I’m talking about when I say that we as a culture are getting worse. I’ve considered that maybe it’s just me growing older, thinking everything was once better, that every activity we performed back in the day was somehow more noble, that we were stronger.

I’ve considered that, and arrived at the conclusion that in fact, we were stronger, more noble, and that many if not all things were better. Even our technological advances are overrated. About the only thing I have now that I didn’t have in 1980 is a cell phone and a computer, and from the studies I’ve seen, those two things are prone to make us more unhappy.  Per usual, I shamelessly blame it all on the liberals. But we have it so good, some will tell me. Yes, we do. But it’s getting worse than it was a few decades ago in very measurable ways. The Canadian Club ad below pretty much says all I have to say:


See, I’m not an ethno-nationalist or white supremacist, tribalist, a hater of women or a prude, as some may suspect from my political leanings. I like freedom. I like justice. And precisely because I like freedom and justice, I’m suspicious of democracy. At the very least I see democracy as having all the same flaws as most of the other forms of government, only now the power is split up into a multitude of factions all wanting a piece of me and you. Nope, I’ve spit the democracy kool-aid back in the tankard. The very young experiment that is Western Democracy is crumbling and fast. Let’s not forget that Tyranny is not a form of government, it a disease that can occur in all government’s forms.  It’s democracy that enabled this sort of thing, using the all powerful Managerial State to take almost all the fun out of living. But for a few differences I’d accept the label of libertarian. The closest titles I can find are paleoconservative and neoreactionary.  I like neoreactionary because I hope it brings to mind Conan the barbarian or Kull the conqueror to the people that think that Jersey Shore was a good television show. Sweaty, veins surging with enough testosterone to make Alex Rodriguez’ PED supplier jealous, and carrying a giant sword dripping with the blood of my enemies. I want to go back, just like Eddie Money crooned. I want to go back because I used to be free. Democracy works when it’s filled with well-behaved individuals held in line by internal and universal values. Democracy doesn’t work when you trump up some charges in order to fulfill your political/idealogical Mangina fantasies and ruin people’s lives, like Auburn and Vassar do. And it’s all legal because because Jefferson’s all-knowing, holy people (read: mob) will it.

I still won’t go so far as to call myself a monarchist, yet. But dear readers, what did King George III ever do that was worse than what we put up with from our government and Managerial State now? Don’t get me wrong, I’m with the revolutionary Americans. You know what they wanted? Not ultimate liberty and anarchy. They wanted to be treated like Englishmen. They wanted to be treated the same as the people back in Great Britain were treated, no better, no worse. You can look that up too. They didn’t think all kings were evil. They thought tyranny was evil and I’m inclined to agree.

This is part 1 of an undecidedly long series on where the fun times went, and what we can do to get them back. Next up: When I started noticing the big, bad changes.

6 thoughts on “Where the Fun Times Went, Part 1

    uvalduvalcuckoo said:
    January 13, 2014 at 5:24 am

    I’ve actually argued, passionately that times are better now than they were – that while things have gotten more coarse, much of it is b/c we see it more not b/c it’s worse. I’ll have to respectfully disagree with you about the 80s comparison – mainly just w/ respect to medical advances but on substance, I think you might have gotten me to concede on the whole. I used to get really annoyed listening to people talk about the glorious old days of say the 50’s when everything was perfect (except for everything that wasn’t) but if you picked a point like the 80s or even much of hte 90s, I’d probably have to agree. It’s like we peaked and things are swinging way too far in the wrong direction now. If you look at racism as one data point , the 50s was much worse than nostalgic folks would have you believe (I wasn’t there, but I’m pretty sure I’m right). But I think things have hit a point where it might be getting worse overall. I’ve read several articles recently about how women in DC for example, can’t find a man to ask them out on a date and how feminism has backfired. Feminism (depending on how you define it and when) looks nothing like what it used to and cares nothing about true equality . Just about every institution or cause has gotten to the point it’s been poisoned.

    I don’t mean to link to something external but this rant is directly related to a central point here. Burn the ***** system to the ground. I’m a huge Popehat fan and guess you probably would like much of it although Clark’s stuff might be a little anti-police for your taste. (Popehat is a very Pro-liberty blog but if anyone following hte link doesn’t like profanity, there is some in the post). I was thinking about it though and even if everyone agrees on the war on terror and homeland security, when did our country go so far that the NSA can pay a company like RSA to weaken security standards? We are running a deficit and yet we have money for that. But who voted for it? What can we do about it? Pretty much nothing. The internet has been turned into a complete surveillance apparatus and the more you understand about it technically, the more troubling it is. It’s hurting our tech sector and could do very serious permanent damage – tech companies have spent years and a fortune to get people to trust the internet, and here we see that the biggest threat is our own government. Having the government step in, use it’s coercive power and money all to weaken security standards serves no one’s interest other than those in power. If Team R was in power, the Progressives would be screaming murder and calling for heads, but sicne one of their own is in power, they shut up (it’s one of the many major downsides to having them in power- they are blind and mute when it comes to abuses of power when it’s their guys doing it)

    uvalduvalcuckoo said:
    January 13, 2014 at 5:25 am

    Anyway, I got diarreah of the mouth again – TLDR; – you’re right, things were better and I wish the old days were back too.

    apolloniani said:
    January 13, 2014 at 7:50 am

    USA Was Genuine Christian Republic At One Time–Founded Genuinely Upon TRUTH, Above All

    The trick of good gov. is to achieve and maintain rule-of-law rather than rule-of-men, tyranny. So to achieve this rule-of-law the US founders resorted to an artistic combination rendering their version of republic founded upon Constitution, which made use of democracy as a part, this entailing consent of the people–it worked fairly well.

    The basis in political/sociologic principle is power ascends, coming fm the people, who freely delegate the power, local gov. leading to state gov., the states then making the US Federal Republic. This Federal republic then was destroyed in the US “Civil” war, and we’ve been surviving ever since, things evermore rapidly going down-hill, the definitive dictatorship founded in 1913 w. the US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) COUNTERFEIT scam–legalized, of course, by all the bought-and-paid-for politicians and judges.

    Present USA has now become horrific SATANIC murder inc., utterly lawless and insane, a dictatorship now founded not upon traditional Christian TRUTH, but Pharisaic “good”–upon which “good,” everything is justified and excused, including now literal genocide, and slow-kill mass-murder of the people–as by means of the poison fluoride in water supplies, poison food additives, like aspartame, MSG, bisphenol-A, etc., GMO foods, “chem-trail” poisons sprayed in atmosphere, and radiation poisoning, fm depleted uranium and lately fm the Fukushima catastrophe which is totally out of control, even as we speak, the melt-down of the reactors on-going.

    Note that as reality is objective, it’s determined (according to absolute cause-effect), and hence CYCLIC, according to Oswald Spengler’s “Decline of the West.” Thus the USA started out w. honest people who knew they had to work for their money, etc. But as in every civilization, the people become steadily corrupted in HUBRIS, honesty giving way to pretension of “good,” the people imagining a perfectly “free” will, etc.–it’s a kind of a mass-madness among the people, beginning in delusion/fallacy and esp. heresy, esp. Pelagianism, the idea one can achieve heaven by way of “good works”–see St. Augustine against Pelagius.

    So note: it’s determined, according to absolute cause-effect–sooooooooooo many people are caught-up in this Pharisaic madness, there’s NOTHING to be done, too much, for practical purposes. The proverbial forest-fire cannot now be put-out; it can only just burn itself out, the rest of us hoping to survive best we can and to starting civilization all over again fm scratch.

    Meantime, we can only do our best, preaching the Christian Gospel, Christ is TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH, the ONLY way to Godly happiness. Perhaps if we can get enough people to come along w. this Christian insight we might emulate St. Constantine the Great, early 4th cent. Roman Empire, and revive, resurrect, and resuscitate the old, otherwise moribund civilization.

    The people might be inspired if they could only bring themselves to see reality and face the truth about the absolute SATANIC conspiracy we’re presently up against: pretended “good” (Pharisaism) having overthrown TRUTH. Israel, the terror-state, much controls the USA and is wagging the dog. There’s no Muslim or Arab terrorists of any real substance. All the serious terrorism is controlled by CIA and MOSSAD and their subsidiaries, like the Saudis, et al. 9/11 was an inside job. If u can’t face TRUTH, forget about it–u gotta start somewhere, sometime.

    magus71 responded:
    January 13, 2014 at 11:37 am


    To your comment concerning men not wanting to ask women out, I found a website called “Don’t Marry”. The author wrote an article on why men should not marry and there were almost 3000 (!) comments on the article, mostly from men who are exasperated, No nation can work if its families do not work, and I truly believe that modern women have been programmed in a way that makes them very difficult to get along with. This is a large part of the great unravelling, because happily married people are much better for society. When the core begins to rot, the whole fruit is soon to follow.

    Lou said:
    January 13, 2014 at 4:13 pm

    I have not read the “Don’t Marry” article, but I have been mulling this topic over. This may be TMI, but here goes.

    Eve was deceived in her mind by Satan, who told her if she ate, she would be like God – knowing all things – so she ate. Then she gave the apple to Adam and he ate, too. Ever since, the blame has been put on Eve. So why did Adam eat? Did he want to be like God, too. Or did he just do what Eve said – maybe thinking if he didn’t, he would not be with her any more? If you don’t eat this apple, there will be no sex tonight! Anyway, Eve is blamed, when Adam was just as weak. I wonder what would have happened if Adam had said no to Eve and trusted God.

    Twenty years ago, we decided to raise our children differently. Not only did we homeschool, we chose to teach our children that “dating” was not the answer – that we would try “courtship” with parents very involved in the process of finding a mate. We taught our son to be a man and gave him the means to provide for his familly, etc. We taught our daughter to be a homemaker and to expect to love her husband and children, etc. We found a fellowship that had similar thoughts, and we tried out this new, but old way of doing things. I won’t go into great detail here on the “rules” of courtship (unless anyone is interested), but I’ll tell you what we learned. For my son, a godly young man, he found a young lady within our fellowship who followed the same rules. They married and gave me three lovely grand-babies. All is well.

    My daughter, on the other hand, has had some problems. There were not enough young men in our fellowship. It seems that the young men found that the worldly way of doing things was easier. They didn’t have to ask permission to court or be chaperoned. They found young women in the world where easy. They chose Eve and the apple. I should mention that most of the young men who married worldly women have had serious marriage issues and lots of divorce.

    So, now we have a passel of young unmarried ladies waiting on godly young men – who are few and far between. My daughter is the oldest of these unmarried young ladies. She has a college degree and works outside the home, although she would still love to be married and have babies and be a keeper of the home. She has met lots of men, but none who want to remain pure until marriage or put up with any other godly ways. And why should they when they can get the cow for free. The few men my daughter has been interested in are lazy. They are used to being pursued not being the pursuer. They don’t want any restrictions until marriage. My daughter is fairly stubborn. She has decided to wait on a godly man who will see the prize she is and be willing to stand up and be a man in order to win her. But, she is beginning to believe there are no such men.

    So my point: women may have messed things up, but men are weak, willing partakers of the sin.

    magus71 responded:
    January 13, 2014 at 10:35 pm


    I completely agree. Men incentivized bad behavior. This is a systemic breakdown, followed by a cascade effect: As one node breaks down it enables the breakdown of several others.

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