Rule of Law or the Managerial State?

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The Donald Stirling case is actually a good measure of where our democracy is headed. As I noted in my previous post, in some states, all parties must know they are being recorded for the recording to be legal. This is the case in California. Stirling broke no laws. It seems V. Stiviano did if either party were in California during the recorded sessions. 

I became suspicious when news was released through the woman’s attorney that she claims she did not release the tapes to the pubic, but that an unnamed third party did. Stiviano claims that Stirling consented to be taped and that she gave the tapes to someone else for “safe keeping”. 


So, let’s see which is victorious: Rule of Law or the Managerial State. If Stiviano is not prosecuted and she did indeed break the law, than I deem “polite totalitarianism and mob rule the order of the day.

One thought on “Rule of Law or the Managerial State?

    VXXC said:
    May 2, 2014 at 11:24 pm


    The managerial state gathers legitimacy from the mob and the incestuously related media.

    The rule of Law is replaced by the rule of men with the New Deal. That’s the “deal”.

    Dear Sir Andrea Mitchell is married to Alan Greenspan, his previous girlfriend was Barbara Walters. We could talk about such cozy relationships for hours. As to our democracy it hasn’t ruled since the New Deal although until recently it’s wishes were at least consulted and respected publicly. That time has passed. Of course they’re having a lynch mob every week, they have you know some real problems.

    Here for instance is the monetary base. While we were looking at Gay Russian Squirrels and whatever sex scandal the “Free Press” was covering M0 shot up from $2.3T USD to $4T USD.

    Now Magus you can look at whatever metric you like, it doesn’t get better.

    As to the New Deal ending democracy ..which is you know acknowledged by Liberal Historians…here for instance is Administrative Law.

    And in case you missed it the Executive Branch can’t fire people without Congressional approval, since 1946.

    Magus: It’s GONE. Soon enough they’ll drop even the farce. Elections mean nothing, they affect nothing. Tens of millions have their livelihoods and power, prestige, status at stake. Elections matter to them as Privates grumbling in barracks matter to Generals [especially the current Generals]. Less in fact.

    It’s GONE. So adjust fire, plan, and the IPB.

    And the “B” is coming.

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