Post-Apartheid South Africa: The mirror of America’s dark future.

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In about 30 years minorities will surpass whites in population in the United States. The problems these minorities associate with racism will multiply, because those problems do not in fact stem from racism. As in post-Apartheid South Africa, violent crime will skyrocket in the US. South Africa is the most violent democracy in the world.

First, the white minority will retreat to white-majority states. Living in cities with a high percentage of minorities will become increasingly tenuous. Many will be outraged by this statement. But outrage is not refutation. The facts in most cases can quell outrage, but not in the case of “racism”. Every statistic in every state shows that young black men are the most active violent criminals in the country. Is this a false statistic made by black majority Baltimore, Detroit, and Memphis, governments? Why are these stats so in almost every reporting district, and every police department?

The police will necessarily become more “militarized”. The term “police militarization” is a term in vogue. Mostly what people who use the term mean is that police SWAT equipment looks scary, much like the argument liberals made when banning assault weapons, which in fact had much the same functions as hunting rifles. For the purposes of this essay, I will define militarization as the utilization of classic military “principles of war”. Police forces will conduct some or much of their operations using these principles because as crime evolves and grows, it becomes increasingly indistinguishable from war. These principles are: OBJECTIVE, OFFENSIVE, MASS, ECONOMY OF FORCE, MANEUVER, UNITY OF COMMAND, SECURITY, SURPRISE, SIMPLICITY. 

Libertarians will continue to put the cart before the horse, obsessing about the 1% of bad police, while forgetting that 99% of people in jail deserve to be there.

German sociologist Max Weber stated that governments have legitimate monopolies on violence. In these future city-states, the police will begin to lose their monopoly on violence. Thus, as in Baltimore, increased federal security forces will be required to maintain order, such as the National Guard. Violent clashes and deaths will inevitably occur. The militarized police will eventually come to resemble the South African Special Task Force.

Welcome to the future of policing in America:



3 thoughts on “Post-Apartheid South Africa: The mirror of America’s dark future.

    vxxc2014 said:
    May 18, 2015 at 1:16 am

    In about 30 years.

    SSG Magus: why do we let that happen?

    Here’s where we are. The majority in the nation and the majority in nearly every county.

    We are the majority nearly everywhere, the exception being the Indian reservations and some small areas along the southern trace. You know better than to work off TV Sir.

    We’re the majority. This does not mean [necessarily] we must oppress.
    It does mean we must rule. Can we share power? Yes. As soon as we have it again.

    We should assume by the way that group behavior on its own does not and perhaps cannot of it’s own improve. It’s now a solid assumption. These are facts. People do not change, or if they do very slowly and only under pressure.

    uvalduvalcuckoo said:
    May 18, 2015 at 2:24 am

    I wasn’t expecting a post on this subject but it’s a great post. I was really young back when the anti-apartheid movement hit college campuses but I remember anxiously wanting to a part of it in the future. Similarly, I vividly remember seeing Peter Gabriel play Biko live and was just horrified by the lyrics. There’s no doubt a lot of horror in that system, a lot of horror. It was so easy to focus on knocking down that no one really thought much about what would replace it. Similarly (and I’m certainly guilty of it) , many were focused exclusively on the system being evil that they overlooked that it wasn’t necessarily a binary issue. It’s definitely a mess right now and sadly, many of the previously oppressed are worse off than they were.

    ajmacdonaldjr said:
    May 18, 2015 at 3:40 am

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