Afganistan War

Don’t forget to feed your war

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Adoring Disciple: “What shall we name him, Barack? He’s lonely and needs a home. And people so love a pet war. They hate bad wars, like Iraq. You know, the kind that drags on forever and kills kids.”

Obama: “Lets name him: ‘The Necessary War.’ Chuck a couple of troops at him, see if he’s hungry.”

 Adoring Disciples: “Ok.”

A few months later….

Adoring Disciple: “Oh my! He is hungry! Look at him gobble those troops!”

Obama: (Concerned look) “Do we have a cage or at least a chain?”

Adoring Disciple: “No. Nothing. We do have more troops though. Seems The Necessary War was hungrier than anyone could have imagined.”

Obama: “Put him in the basement or something. People are going to get tired of this little beast pretty quickly.”

Adoring Disciple: “But you promised the children they could see him!”

Obama: “Put him away. This one likes the taste of kids, just like the last one did.”

Adoring Disciple: “The kids will be so disappointed. They believed in you, Barack. Not to mention how unhappy this cute little vote-getter will be, all the work he did for you making others look incompetant. Now, he’ll just go to town on you. Just keep throwing troops at him. Eventually he’ll get full. I think.”

Obama: “Alright. But figure out a way to make him disappear. Can we make glue out him? Gotta be something…”