Democrats appeal to God

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They’ll laugh, they’ll snicker. And I’ll keep trudging through the streets carrying my sign: “The End is Near!” We are a dying society. As faith in God has disintegrated, so has knowledge of good and evil. The agnostic and atheist elites will analyze, but will not find the cold, mathematical formula they seek to explain our disintegration, except to say in the form of a new social program. Here, uber-liberal Democrats find in their hearts to call out to God–and thank him for access to abortion. Nietzsche’s Transvaluation of Values is nearly complete, but not quite. As in Sodom and Gomorrah, God was willing to save a city from destruction should there be a very small percent of people whom remained righteous. America remains the most faithful Western nation in existence, which isn’t saying mush at this point in time.

America’s time is coming. We are walking on slippery rocks. Just as the great sermoneer, Jonathan Edwards quoted:

Their foot shall slide in due time,  Deuteronomy 32:35.

If we continue, and we probably will, one day we will look around and wonder how our great cities became smoldering ash, whether in metaphor or in reality. In due time, when God has had enough.

50 million abortions a year. The great shift toward matriarchal society has wrought annihilation of which Mao, Hitler and Stalin would be proud. Men have made war against armed men. The modern feminist has picked up the sword against a dreaming child. Disintegrating family structures. Voting trends are already showing the results of massive demographic changes. Fact: Immigrants and Blacks vote for more government. They will not stop. They’re world view tells them that government makes and enables life. And just as the prophets of old heard from the people they warned: “We’ve heard the warnings before, shut up and go away”, many will ignore the obvious, that America cannot continue down the road it’s on. Spending is a moral issue. Those whom chronically take more than they earn have a moral problem. We as a people have a moral problem. A nation of consumerism, hedonism, nihilism, socialism. We better find more theism.

Republicans play into Dem hands on Steele’s comments

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RNC chairman Michael’s Steels’ recent comments about the Afghan War has Republicans up in arms. The people who are upset say that Republicans don’t politicize war.

Steele’s comment, that the war is Obama’s war, have the the people at MSNBC smelling blood. Jon Stewart, too.  They say the statement is not historically correct. Really? You mean to tell me that as President Obama couldn’t order all of our troops to immediately withdraw? When does anything that is now happening become the responsibility of this administration?

Than I heard Pat Buchanan talking today. I agreed with him, that the Republicans should not squash dissent. But then he said that the Republicans should not let the party be defined by people like Charles Krauthammer. Pat, Pat, Pat. If you read Krauthammer–who’s the most read conservative writer for a reason– you’d know that he was against the surge in Afghanistan.  And I was, too. But I’m not against identifying the real enemy–fundamentalist Islam, unlike our own government, whom in a recent report on  Major Hassan ‘s assassination of 12 US Soldiers, couldn’t be bothered to mention that radical Islam may have been his primary motivation. I guess slaughtering a dozen unarmed people whom you don’t know while screaming “Alahu Akbar!” (God is Great!) was the result of Tourrette’s  Syndrome.

Jon Stewart gave his usual amazed look while talking about Steele’s comments, saying that Steele has no clue about the history of the war. Well, wasn’t this exactly what Obama ran on? Didn’t he say repeatedly that we needed to exit Iraq immediately? So the argument that Obama has to stay in Afghanistan because leaving would hurt American prestige and strategic position doesn’t hold water.

Stupid Republicans?

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Truman: smarter than a Columbia grad

For some reason this just occured to me after reading Bill Ryan’s Blog: Libs always accuse Republican Presidents of being stupid. Think about it: GW Bush, Ronald Reagan, and even Bush Senior. Remember: “It’s the economy stupid? ”

While Republicans usually assert that Democrats are misled or ideologues, seems the Dems revert to casting the old playground insult. You’re stupid!

Harry Truman (D) only had a high school degree. At least he was smart enough to drop the bomb. Modern day Democrats would  insist on sending American Soldiers human wave style, onto Japan’s shores. Then, when the fighting still hadn’t come to end a decade later, they could remind us that no one ever really wins in war.

We should avoid sloganism

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As the Democratic party flounders, there’s a new fragrance in the air. Nubile flesh is growing on the once withered corpse of the GOP. The smell of rot diminishes. However, the Republicans, somewhat bolstered by the Tea Party, must beware.

Though I am intrigued by much of what the Tea Party supposedly represents, I’m apprehensive. I fear the movement may turn into something akin to the Green Bay Packer’s Cheesehead fanatics. That is, a caricature of a potent force.

Even the name–Tea Party–seems vulnerable to being painted as clownish, dumb and trivial. Ryming slogans, bumper stickers and coffee mugs will only add to a liberal weapons’ cache, already packing the firepower of Sarah Palin. To fall prey to sloganism will only empower the John Stewarts of the world.

I would encourage people who are sympathetic to the Tea Party cause to remain pragmatic and research facts before making sweeping statements. Avoid hyperbole, as the value of less government spending and greater fiscal responsibility seems to have enough value prima facie.

While the Tea Party is critical too of Republicans, it does attract those who would call themselves Reagan Republicans. Most of the Tea Partyers , I think, would state that they are merely resorting to a classic conservatism. The GOP should listen, lest they fall prey to exactly what is happening with the Democrats, who squandered a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity by failing to have a workable plan in place when the country revolted against the perceived failings of the previous administration. The Republicans need to take this seriously. They need a real leader, a real plan, and a real vision of where America is ready and willing to go.

Pakistan’s Army outperforming America’s in fight against Taliban

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Counterinsurgency was the word. Protect infrastructure and provide security for the populace was the byline. But now we’re confusing counterinsurgency with defensive warfare. We’re not killing enough of the enemy and they’re making us pay.

So while we’re busy protecting gasoline powered generators, the Pakistani Army is killing Talibs. 40 militants killed + 43 arrested= 83 insurgents that the Pak government will never have to protect infrastructure or citizens from.  Four bases gone, too.

Pak Army unloads Taliban POWs.
Pak Army unloads Taliban POWs. They'll beg for waterboarding in a few weeks.

We hope to stop a swarm with chopsticks instead of just destroying the nest. A man has his nose and ears cut off by the Taliban while  on his way to a voting station. Things like that undo a lot of soccer ball giveaways and completely undermine US efforts. We can’t stop all of these events and even more important we can’t stop the media from reporting it, which is the only way the Taliban can win–but they are winning.

Because we refuse to fight a war of annihilation.

The Pakistani army is competent, well equipped and not barred by the delicate sensitivities of American Liberals who are always willing to let others die in order to uphold vapid restrictions on military force–as long as the rockets aren’t falling in their backyard.