Pax Americana

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Liberals have very little sense of proportion.  As the War on Terror rages on, the average liberal believes that America is exercising its subliminal fascist tendencies.  The problem is, media coverage does not give us a clear picture of what’s going on in the world.  While I believe that the fight against fundamentalist, militaristic Islam is an important one, it is not the only fight that America is engaged in and these other fights are not over oil or religiously motivated as liberals  like to believe . Readers should do some research into what’s going on in South America, specifically Columbia.  US Special Forces routinely train Columbian police and military units to fight against the communist FARC.  Car bombs, kidnappings (Columbia has more kidnappings than any other country) and murder is routine in Bogata’.

So, media coverage gives many a sense of intensity that simply didn’t exist before television.  The truth is that the world is more peaceful than it has ever been.  Another problem is the liberal adoration of tribal man.  This is a derivative of Rousseau’s “Noble Savage”, the belief that tribal man is or was much more peaceful than the “warlike” modern man.  Even very educated people spout this absolute non-truth.

Not only has civilization and education reduced violence and war, but American military supremacy reduced interstate wars and incidents of genocide after WWII.  As Dr. Steven Pinker outlines in this video, all evidence points to a more peaceful world.   Tribal man is and was much more violent than Western man.

The major problem with the liberal world view is not  that they want peace, but that they fail to recognize it when it is upon them, and so wish to tear down one of the major reasons for that peace:  the American Leviathan, which induced Pax Americana.



Things haven’t changed much have they?

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This speech by The Great Communicator sent chills up my spine. You can feel the audience is enthralled by words they’re never heard before.

The Happy Pessimist

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For some reason, I’m fascinated with the ideas of pessimism and positivism. But I believe, after deliberation, that I’ve misapplied the terms. I used to think liberals were the pessimists and conservatives, such as myself, were  optimists. Liberals sat around whining and running away in war. They encouraged children to dress Emo. They believe that industry was out to pollute our precious Earth and keep the poor in the ghettos. And that all races are exactly the same, sans a few differences in skin shade. That women and men, too, are identical in their thinking and capabilities. There is no God because there is pain. Yada, yada, yada.

Then I thought a little more.

Why do liberals believe such things? It’s because they are the optimists. They believe that all races are the same because it is Right and it is Good that it should be so. And though they’re willing to see injustice when it proves to them that God doesn’t exist, they aren’t willing to concede when an unjust, cold and chaotic universe may have assigned the two sexes very different ways of doing business. And don’t even talk about racial or gender superiority. That wouldn’t be very optimistic. Because equality is Good and it’s the way things should be.

Terrorists, you ask? To a liberal, the jihadist who’s strapped some bombs to his rib cage and walks to the street corner where a dozen children are playing, just needs a good talking to. He needs to go to college or something. Needs some clean clothes and a shower.

Oh, don’t forget about liberal vegetarians. Optimists to the core. How  happy a universe it would be if humans were never intended to eat meat! Because the idea of the blood-soaked slaughterhouse is a terrible scene. So it is Good and it is Right that humans who eat meat are Bad.

Nay, it is the conservative–a true conservative–who is the pessimist. But paradoxically–he’s happier than  the lib. Study after study proves it. See, I was getting happiness mixed up with optimism, depression confused with pessimism. A true conservative says: “The world sucks, people are gonna betray me, and kittens die every day.” But he’s happy about it. He likes a challenge. Liberals such as Sean Penn say: “Give peace a chance” and then punch out a camera man or shake hands with Hugo Chavez. In an optimist’s world, bad people like Chavez are really good, if you really get to know them.

The paradox is easily answered thus: Conservatives are forearmed. Liberals live with disappointment, which, as any psychologist will tell you, is the root cause of despair. And religious conservatives donate far more money to charities than liberals.   Unlike liberals, we accept that money makes the world go around. Libs know it is Right and Good that money should have no power. Alas!

The perfect image of the happy pessimist could be the pilot of the plane about to drop nukes on Russia in: Dr. Strangelove, who merrily rides the bomb to ground-zero.

Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

As he says in the movie, when his crew gets the order to attack:

“Well, boys, I reckon this is it – nuclear combat toe to toe with the Roosskies… I reckon you wouldn’t even be human being if you didn’t have some pretty strong personal feelings about nuclear combat.”

So yea. I’m a pessimist. And I’m happy about it.  I know it’s going to rain today. And tomorrow. I’ll just wear a raincoat and stay dry. The libs can go out in tank-tops, meditate to make it stop raining, then fill their prescription for Prozac when their world doesn’t play nice.

Logan’s Run–here we come!

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One of the first films I disctincly remember seeing as a youth is Logan’s Run. The movie’s based on a novel by the same name, written by William F. Nolan and George Johnson.

The dystopian horror story starts like this:

“The seeds of the Little War were planted in a restless summer during the mid-1960s, with sit-ins and student demonstrations as youth tested its strength. By the early 1970s over 75 percent of the people living on Earth were under 21 years of age. The population continued to climb — and with it the youth percentage.
In the 1980s the figure was 79.7 percent.
In the 1990s, 82.4 percent.
In the year 2000 — critical mass.”
Logan 3 and his vegan babe pose for pics in Copenhagen.

In order to combat the over population in the year 2116, it is law that people report for execution on the day they turn 21 years old. Sometimes people try to escape this fate and become Runners, and they attempt to make it to a secret coven of others like themselves–a space colony called Sanctuary. The government dispatches professional assassins, known as Sandmen to murder the Runners.

The main character–Logan 3, is himself a Sandman, who over the course of the book, becomes  a Runner.

The book also depicts a world where promiscuous sex and drug use are not frowned upon, and yet tobacco is illegal.

Sorry, but I can’t help but see some parrallels with what’s going on with the Global Warming issue. GW is now the great funnel through which all progressive agendas are poured: Population control, anti-meat rhetoric, environmentalism, totem-like worship of animals, anti-industrialism.

Think Logan’s Run can’t happen? I hope not, but how much farther is that dystopian vision from Diane Francis’ idea, as printed in the Canadian Paper: Financial Post?

Yup, you read correctly. Francis proposes a world-wide law preventing people from having more than one child.  As she states in ending:

“The only fix is if all countries drastically reduce their populations, clean up their messes and impose mandatory conservation measures.”

Spoken like a true liberal fascist.

World class America hating

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Ah yes, Gore Vidal. Flaming? Oh yes, and liberal. Now he says he missed the chance to murder George Bush. And Obama is too smart for America.

Video Here.

And we’re really, really uneducated according to Vidal. Classic liberalism and it’s why I hate it and always will: It’s based not so much on progressiveness, but on the singular destruction of Americanism. Oh, Mr. Vidal? America is ranked 3rd in the world in its percentage of 25-64 year olds with bachelors degrees, behind only Canada and Japan. So much for Europe.

Then there’s Joy Behar: “He (Barack Obama) is a little too smart for America in a certain way.”

See, America. These people don’t like you. They think Barack Obama is too brilliant for you, even though you put him in office. I suspect you’re smart enough to remove him after he proves himself to be of perfectly average capacity.