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Super-Duper Secret plan aimed to–GASP!–kill people who were trying to kill us!

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Those bad, bad Neocons from the Bush administration were even worse than we suspected. Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein tell us so, and how could we not believe any of the words that pour from Pelosi’s botoxed face?

She just seems soooo happy, nowadays! Everyone’s forgotten the fact that Nancy likes to waterboard bad people–unless her new and shiny president doesn’t. And he doesn’t. So Nancy doesn’t, and never did.

HHHHHaaapy! Bush and Cheney....BBBaaadd!
HHHHHaaapy! Bush and Cheney....BBBaaadd!

An Ultra-Black Operation has recently been outed. And myyyy goodness it’s a whopper. Makes the US government’s use of biological weapons in mass experiments on American citizens look like paddy cake. Know what Cheney knew about, and didn’t even have the decency to tell Nancy? Huh? Can you guess? The US military was trying to kill Al-Qaeda’s leadership! The nerve!

Now, this super-secret plan didn’t actually manage to kill anyone. The US government decided that using Predator drones was better, quicker and safer. But still. Nancy should have been let in on everything that she could possibly use to take the heat off herself.

Now let’s take a look at the way our military is killing our enemies everyday. It’s the program that’s killed hundreds if not thousands of Taliban and Al-Qaeda militants, endorsed by Bush and Cheney. And Nancy knew about it, too! We need an investigation!

Nancy Pelosi should resign

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I just don’t understand this. Is waterboarding something new? Had we not heard of its employment before Barack Obama was president? 

Did we really think that the CIA documented the use of enhanced techniques without the highest levels of government knowing about it? Yes, even the Democrat controlled Congress, which has been given a get out of jail card by the media, but not by the American public. Witness their horrendously low approval ratings: Worse than Bush’s. That Congress wasted its time trying to make itself look good by pointing fingers at Bush and Cheney. It’s still doing so with Cheney; he’s driving them nuts with his candid speech. The last thing the Democrats can afford at this point is for the American public to know the facts. 

Look. I’ll even call waterboarding torture, since some want to play that game. Let’s roll. I’ll also call caffeine a drug and heroin and drug. Wood burns. So does hydrogen gas. Black powder explodes. So does Uranium 235 when a sufficient amount of force is applied with an implosion core. Point being? Words don’t always explain degrees. Simply applying the word torture to waterboarding is an attempt to make people cringe. Iron Maidens, The Rack, Thumb Screws. How many go rounds with The Rack do you suppose KSM would have endured and survived through, completely uninjured?

Nanci Pelosi panicked. After thinking she could ride Bush Derangement Syndrome into the political sunset, she began writing a fiction novel worthy of Lewis Carroll; It only made partial sense. 

Charles Krauthammer explains Pelosi’s catastrophic press conference in which she’s willing to destroy people trying to protect this nation, in order to save her political skin. 

Pelosi has always displayed the worst aspects of the Democrat Party. Needlessly critical of business–even though she herself is a millionaire. Hyper-critical of Bush; she sniffs the media climate and follows the scent trail. Arrogant. 

Now she finds herself on an island with no search party dispatched. She made her own bed by lying about the Obama CIA, not just the Bush CIA. 

Everyone knew this stuff happened. We’ve been talking about it for years. And yet the Speaker of the House didn’t? 

Pelosi needs to resign. Waterboarding destroyed her. She simply could not hold back from another run at Bush and Cheney, caught up in the euphoria of Obama’s victory, she believed she was impervious to scrutiny. But what makes America great and different is that everyone will be held to account at some point.