North Korea

North and South Korea teeter at the edge of war.

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This morning, North Korea launched an artillery strike against a South Korean Island, killing several inhabitants and destroying homes. I’ll remind people that a war between these two countries will make Iraq and Afghanistan look like a schoolyard tussle.

After the discovery earlier this year that a South Korean warship was sunk by a North Korean torpedo, it may be only a matter of time before the South must act in order to protect its viability as a state. As I’m writing this, it’s being reported that the South Korean president states that the South will unleash “enormous retaliation” if attacked again. This news comes on the heels of reports of North Korean attempts to weaponize uranium. I will continue monitoring.

Predictive Analysis: The North will again wait several months before attacking, allowing for a cool-off period and decreased media attention.

Ignoring rule of law

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Keith Olbermann gushed this morning. He drooled all over a female commentator, and not because she was sporting cleavage. It was because Bill Clinton rescued two female journalists from the grip of Pyongyang.

Never missing a chance to build a Strawman, Olbermann, with his myth-making construction crew at MSNBC set about hammering and sawing, clasping together all the strands of hay that would prove to us the superiority of negotiation at all costs.

The two journalists, Laura Ling, 32, and Euna Lee, 36, are heroes it seems. By breaking the laws of North Korea (sneaking across the border of a totalitarian regime’s country) they were seeking to… to what? Get themselves arrested, I’d say. And become famous. They knew far better than Olbermann could, that they would be released eventually. But Olbermann falls for the exact trap that Pyongyang wants him to fall for–the mental miasma of Stockholm Syndrome.

Thank you, Kim Jung for releasing our pretty little ladies! See what good intentions the North Korean government has. If only we’d talked to them. We never talk–we just bomb. That’s all America does is bomb!

That’s exactly the type of mesmerism totalitarian regimes, extremists and hostage takers weave. And the Left just sucks it up. A quick glance at history shows they always release the hostages. Well, at least the hostage takers of the non-apocalyptic type do. Daniel Pearl testifies from his grave what anti-life groups such as Al-Qaeda want. Olbermann and his female cohort went on and on about how the release of the journalists may mark greater openness between North Korea and the rest of the world.

All I could hear was: “Thank you Mr. Terrorist for letting me use the bathroom! I now understand your plight and wish to fully study the Koran.” Stockholm Syndrome again.

Iran arrests an American journalist, and three yeas ago a shipload of British sailors. Now three more Americans. None of these people are heroes. The journalists and three Americans knowingly crossed a border illegally. The sailors gave aid to the enemy by speaking against their country on TV, even though they were treated better than they were in Basic Training.

So we have two problems: Western people wanting the spotlight and entering countries they have no business entering, and people like Olbermann praising  monstrous regime for being so kind as to not imprison them for life or kill  them.

Let’s be honest. N. Korea will make all the bombs it wants.

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Let’s stop posturing. The West is pretty much a pushover, and every tyrant out there knows it. Oh we’ll give a good speech. but sometimes we should be delivering good airstrikes instead. 

Now I’ll admit, the situation in North Korea has no easy answers. But as I said before, let’s not pretend we’re going to do anything about it, except slap a few sanctions on a government that’s all too willing to watch it’s people starve while it wastes money on outdated military equipment and atom bombs; bombs whose use will insure the current North Korean regime is relegated to oblivion with retaliatory nuclear strikes.  

Let’s get it all out in the sunlight. We’re going to wait until North Korea attacks. Is this the right thing? Maybe. By why do our leaders give such stern warnings, such bloated speeches about how Kim Jong Il is “recklessly challenging the international community?” 

So what? When has a military build up ever resulted in anything that hurt a despot? Didn’t hurt Hitler. Didn’t hurt the Soviet leaders. Hasn’t hurt Kim Jong Il or Iran’s regime. 

To keep the power of our future words intact, let us tell Kim Jong Il: “Keep building and exploding bombs, starving your economy and people, threatening preemptive attacks and generally acting crazy.” At least then he’d know that we mean what we say. 

Preemptive attacks by the US are probably out of the question. It’s political suicide. After Iraq, and for the next generation, there will be no more talk of regime change, no matter how heinous the enemy despot. Unless of course North Korea is so foolish as to attack first. Then the fight’s on, and it’ll be over sooner than we can say: “Nuclear Airburst.” 

There’s always the possibility that North Korea will sell its bombs to Islamic fundamentalist groups. Some think this may happen because of North Korean poverty. I think it’s more likely to happen just so the North Korean government can sit back and watch the fireworks. 

As Morgan Freeman’s character tells Batman in, The Dark Knight: Some people just like to watch the world burn. 

Events in North Korea proves that the US is still the bulwark of the free world

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Rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated. ~Mark Twain


They said the world did not respect the United States anymore. They said we were a fallen giant, whose time had passed, whose ways were now archaic in the post-modern world.

They can say anything they want to. It won’t make it true.

Bullets trump words. Danger trumps posturing. The North Korean government, with the detonation of a nuclear weapon and aggressive statements threatening attack, has the world remembering who its Imperitor is.

Let us make no mistake: Kim Jong-II does not want to fight. This is posturing of the very highest order. But sometimes posturing can result in a battle to defend one’s self-image. When you’ve said you will fight, you better do so when the need comes, or your credibility will be demolished. North Korea has set down new rules. It says it will no longer adhere to the armistice of 1953. It says it will attack South Korea should transport ships be searched. Will Kim Jong -II pull the trigger when and if these benchmarks are met?

The DMZ at the 38th parallel is considered the most dangerous place on the planet. There seems only a sheet of rice paper that holds the forces of North and South back, great, angry and growling diesel, from a clash of historical proportions. Some military wargames predict 100,000 dead civilians in the first few days of a conflict. US forces at the DMZ are the most intensely drilled units in our Army.

Below are shots from Operation Foal Eagle, the 2009 mega-wargame conducted by joint US and S. Korean forces.

F-18 launching from the Nimitz
F-18 launching from a Nimitz class carrier



Marine Sergeant training South Korean troops
Marine Sergeant training South Korean troops


US Marines train with Miles Gear
US Marines train with Miles Gear


Marines from the Fleet Anti-Terroism Security Team Pacific
Marines from the Fleet Anti-Terrorism Security Team Pacific

The world is now what people thought it was 6 years ago.

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Quintilius Varus, give me back my legions.” ~ Augustus Caesar after the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest, in which three Roman Legions were slaughtered in ambush by an array of Germanic Barbarians.

People thought the world was really, really bad 6 years ago. They were wrong.

Then Obama took office. And the rest of the world has set about to test him. Now the world is really, really bad.

North Korea defies the entire world, and launches a missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead.

Tehran is lying and weaseling its way to a nuclear bomb. We swallowed their lie and enemies of the Bush administration did everything they could to make intelligence reports that showed the Iranian governement was attempting to build a nuclear weapon, appear wrong. Now it may once again fall on Israel to be the bad guy.

Russia is doubling its military draft numbers.

Anarchists, criminals, reactionary Leftists and bored unemployed idiots hit the streets of Europe to do what those types do best: Wreck things.  

Pakistan and Mexico both teeter on the edge of failed-statehood.

The new Euro-American alliance will get us only a more European America, not an Americanized Europe. That is, moral and military weakness, post-modern self-hatred, an abandonment of traditional values, specifically of the Judeo-Christian ethic and finally a world that is more unstable because we pandered to the worst because they were loudest.