Newsweek, Pirates and the French Connection

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Newsweek loves France. I’m not sure why, by the it does. The French can do no wrong when it comes to Newsweek staffers, even when the French are resorting to the kind of thing that would make Chuck Norris and John Wayne jealous– like hunting pirates.

Newsweek hates Chuck Norris and John Wayne.

According to Chris Dickey of Newsweek, we can learn something from the French when it comes to Hobbesian reprisal.

This of course seems to be another way of critisizing America, even when the French are resorting to violence to stop violence.

The article does contain some ridiculous statements, such as :

Gunplay on boats filled with volatile chemicals could lead to disastrous explosions. Vessels could be sunk. The mostly untrained men and women aboard could be slaughtered.  Losses and liabilities could multiply astronomically.

You’d think this were another installment of the Die Hard line of movies. And the pirates don’t exactly rate as well trained.

A defensive war against the pirates won’t work

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I love it. The pirates are smart. They’re now pandering to America’s leftist critics.

As this AP report says: “The pirates say they are fighting illegal fishing and dumping of toxic waste in Somali waters”.

Right, they’re stealing thousands of tons of food-aid to starving Africans, and by doing so, they’re combating illegal fishing and ecological malfeasance.

If we are to stop the pirates, we can’t sit back and react. That never works in any type of conflict, be it personal or international. Change takes action. Change when confronting living beings who themselves change and react requires aggressive, lighting -fast tactics.

American intelligence must locate pirate havens and motherships. Don’t be surprised to see US land forces–mostly special operations teams of US Navy SEALs–as well as airpower brought into action against the pirates’ safehavens.

Dead Pirates aren’t much fun or: How liberals will spin this

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First off, let me make myself perfectly clear to all the pinko-commie, bleeding hearts out there.

Violence, in 99% of a human being’s interactions, is not the answer. Ok–got it.

In the 1% of interactions that it is the answer, it’s an important thing.

So, now that the SEALs have sniped three pirates, saving the US citizen held hostage, other pirates are now threatening retaliation.

Yeah, right. And guess what. There’s a portion of our population that’s going to buy their crap. It’s the same portion that thinks crime increases when you enforce decent laws. It’s the same crowd that finds no connection between drug availability and drug use. It’s the same dude smoking dope in his mother’s basement and blogging about atheism.

But you know what? The surviving captain is happy and so is his family.

As for the Somali pirates, know this: We’ve dumped more blood and money into your failed state than it’s worth. You’ve destroyed your future by embracing ignorance and anarchy. If you think you’re going to fight the world’s most powerful navy from wooden rafts, good luck.

But at least you’ll always have some people from this country on your side. They’ll make excuses for you. They’ll rant against any actions taken against you. They’ll talk about violent escalations caused by US aggressions and imperialism.

I’ll have to agree with these people on one point: Dead Pirates Aren’t Much Fun.

Hello. We’re the US Navy SEALS–and we’re here to help.

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Somali pirates made an oops. They managed (and I’m sure it was to their initial glee) to capture a US cargo ship carrying around 5000 tons of food as relief for the starving in Africa.  

Pirates love food.

Pirates hate it when ship crews manage to overpower them and take back a captured ship.

The US is the only nation that fights back anymore. Everyone else gives in.

We made a bobo. Can we sue someone? Its America, right?
We made a bobo. Can we sue someone? It's America, right?

Now there’s talk that the SEALs and DELTA Force are ancy for a fight. Operations are in the works, only waiting for President Obama to give the go-ahead for an attack on the pirate mother ships and coastal bases.  This is the first US ship taken by pirates since the days of the Barbary Pirates. The US Mariine Corps solved that problem for us.

Lt. Presley OBannon led the Marines fight against the Barbaries.
Lt. Presley O'Bannon led the Marine's fight against the Barbaries.